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We’re All About Community Media!

Catamount Access Television Corporation (CAT-TV) provides public, educational, and governmental television access services to the towns and villages of Bennington, North Bennington, Woodford, Pownal and Shaftsbury, Vermont on Comcast Cable Channels 1075, 1085 and 1095.  We are primarily funded by Comcast, based on regulations enacted by the Vermont Public Service Board.


We promote access to multimedia services that foster free speech and public dialogue.  We provide a venue for citizens to engage in local government, education, arts and other areas of interest.  Under the First Amendment, we remain “content neutral” and support the Free Speech rights of our members by not restricting the content or message of any program presented on our channels.  


Our Goals

  •  Keeping it Local:  CAT-TV provided 800 hours of original, local programming this year.  We remain committed to delivering content that is both hyper-local and relevant to our community.  We are Bennington’s source for everything local.

  • Quality Content:  CAT-TV strives to present high-quality programming through our in-house and volunteer-produced programs.  We support this commitment by  investing in state-of-the-art production and master control equipment.

  • Engage Citizens:  CAT-TV generates conversations about local issues, provides public participation in local affairs and broadens perspectives through diverse sources of information.  We strengthen our democratic society through civic engagement.

Our Operating Rules

Our Bylaws
Our Annual Report

We create award-winning content!

We have won two Telly Awards and seven ACM-NE Awards for our work!


20191004-185729-CATV-T5_31677 (1).jpg


Executive Director

When she is not busy tackling state PEG/Comcast items, she enjoys a nice long stroll with her dog Jake and a nice glass of wine!



Operations Manager

When Will is not paying the bills for CAT-TV, he is usually busy brewing world class beer, it is all he talks about...

File_000(3) 2.jpeg


Production Manager

While Mike is a germaphobe, he still loves to give free hugs!  Plus he is a total car nut!



The OG CAT-TV Mascot

She ruled CAT-TV for 15 years, but sadly she passed due to age on January 3rd, 2018.  We miss her terribly.  

Lisa Byer_edited.jpg


Our Beloved Doggie

Jake provided many years of love and joy for Lisa...sadly he crossed the rainbow bridge in 2023. We all miss his infectious spirit!



Digital Media Coordinator

Li is excited to be a part of the community media world!  Have a question about programs or schedules - she has your answer!

save-new 3.JPG


Production Assistant

Jim loves to film and help people.  When he isn't filming or helping, he is off tippy tapping on his own adventure!



Production Assistant

Josh is busying getting good grades in college!  After school we are lucky to have him as part of our team! 



Our CAT-TV Cat!

Barry arrived on our doorstep in the fall of 2022, and he decided he would love to join the community media world!

We are always seeking volunteer producers to film community events...if that is you - let us know!

Our Board of Directors

Meetings are the 4th Monday of the month at 4pm, via Zoom. Public comments are welcome. Please contact for more information.

Tim Scoggins, President

Dan Cross, Vice President

Greg Van Houten, Treasurer

Sarah Krinsky, Secretary

Frank Barnes

Asa Morin

Jack Rossiter-Munley

You can browse our board minutes by clicking here.

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