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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Catch these adventures on channel 1075, Fridays

7pm, September 8th - December 1st!

Episode Breakdown

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A Scandal in Bohemia
The King of Bohemia asks Holmes to retrieve a compromising photograph from actress and singer Irene Adler, who proves to be a worthy opponent.

Airs: September 8th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Dancing Men

Hilton Cubitt employs Holmes when drawings of dancing stick figures appear and terrify his American wife.

Airs: September 15th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Naval Treaty

Holmes must find a naval treaty which was stolen from a Foreign Office clerk and prevent an international scandal.

Airs: September 22nd - 7pm on channel 1075

The Solitary Cyclist

Violet Smith, a young music teacher, contacts Holmes when she is followed by a mysterious cyclist; Holmes connects this with her employer's marriage proposal.

Airs: September 29th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Crooked Man

A missing key helps Holmes prove Colonel Barclay's wife innocent after he is found dead.

Airs: October 6th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Speckled Band

Helen Stoner seeks help from Holmes when her stepfather moves her into the room in which her sister mysteriously died.

Airs: October 13th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Blue Carbuncle

Holmes and Watson undertake a Christmas investigation when a unique blue carbuncle ends up in a goose's gullet.

Airs: October 20th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Copper Beeches

Violet Hunter contacts Holmes about her employer's strange requests for her to cut her hair and wear a particular dress.

Airs: October 27th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Greek Interpreter

Holmes, Watson and Holmes's brother Mycroft learn of a Greek interpreter who was kidnapped and forced to communicate with an abductee.

Airs: November 3rd - 7pm on channel 1075

The Norwood Builder

A solicitor who was asked by a man he had never met to draw up a will leaving the man's fortune to himself consults Holmes after he's been accused of murdering the man.

Airs: November 10th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Resident Patient

A doctor asks Holmes about the strange behavior of the man who set him up with a prestigious practice in return for a percentage of his income.

Airs: November 17th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Red-Headed League

Jabez Wilson consults Holmes when his employers, who paid him to copy out an encyclopedia, mysteriously vanish, and their true goal is soon uncovered.

Airs: November 24th - 7pm on channel 1075

The Final Problem

After foiling Moriarty's plan to steal the Mona Lisa, Holmes survives several attempts on his life from Moriarty's agents; the two face each other for the last time at the Reichenbach Falls. (Last appearance of David Burke as Dr. Watson)

Airs: December 1st - 7pm on channel 1075

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