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Exciting Things Coming!

As Spring is trying to beat off Winter, we here at CAT-TV are very excited about things to expect from us in 2018!

So...what can you expect?!

- Our Community Survey! This happens every couple of years, and it gives the community a chance to tell us how we are doing. It is 25 questions, takes 10 minutes, and means the world to us so we can improve for you! We will be launching this come May and will be online and in paper form if you request it. Bonus: once you fill it out, you are entered to win a 4K TV or a new GoPro!

- Gearing up for the 250th Anniversary of The Battle of Bennington! In a scant 9 years, we will be honoring the 250th Anniversary of The Battle of Bennington. We have teamed up with Jonah Spivak (President of the Chamber of Commerce) to make sure we honor it the best way we can! This year we will be filming more reenactments, school classes on the battle, and more content to get you ready for the parade this year. Even a documentary as we countdown the 9 years.

- Bennington went to Puerto Rico! Back in March students from the CDC, folks from the Bennington Habitat for Humanity, and our own Ryan Scutt went to help the good people of Puerto Rico from the terrible hurricane destruction of last year. A week hardly puts a dent into the work that needs to be done, but it is forward progress! The students helped rebuild, make roofs, and many other tasks for folks in a small town. Ryan was there to capture it all (and lend a hand working) so stay tuned as that content filters onto our channels and social feeds!

- BIG E 2018! Last year we were asked by the state of Vermont to go and film the Vermont building down at the BIG E convention in Springfield, MA. So we went down for a day and interviewed all of the vendors that are housed in the Vermont building for the 2 week event! It was a blast! We encouraged anyone to attend, there is so much to see and do, it literally could take you 2 weeks to do it all. That content created will be shipped up state for them to use, and you can see it on our channels and social feeds in the future! Speaking of future - BIG E 2018 is September 14th - 30th! Don't miss it!

Hemmings Motor News Web Series! Last Fall we started filming a web series with local magazine Hemmings Motor News. They are doing an engine swap in a 1969 Chevy Chevelle, and we are there to document it all. Production is almost complete, and will be coming out this Summer! We are very excited as this is out first 4K production!

These are just a few things we have going on here at CAT-TV! Any questions, you know where to find us! :)

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